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Incredible results and inspiring journeys!

Dr. Fealy has spent many years completing advanced Dental Residency Programs including Dental implants, Cosmetic Dentistry as well as treating more complex dental restorative problems. Below is just a small sample of the type of excellence you may expect at Dr. Fealy’s Office. 


The patient presented with an ill fitting upper denture and was very unhappy due to the fact that he could no longer chew his food like he used to and the denture covered his entire palate, covering the taste buds and not allowing him to taste his food like he used to. The denture was loose and always falling out.

The Solution — Four implants were placed and Dr. Fealy was able to construct a Titanium metal framework to which very natural pink acrylic as well as esthetic looking teeth were added. The patient is very happy now. He can chew his food with ease now and better yet, he now can taste his food. The patient is always smiling and the treatment really has changed his life.

Complex Reconstruction

Patient presented with a worn dentition and the teeth were small, crooked with many spaces between the teeth. The patients bite was preventing him from chewing properly.

The Solution — At our office, we were able to design the treatment and the end result was beautiful.

Complex Reconstruction

The patient presented with a badly broken down dentition with multiple fractured, worn and chipped teeth.

The Solution — Dr. Fealy was able to reconstruct the patents teeth after carefully designing the treatment with his dental lab. The patient’s bite was greatly improved and the esthetics of his smile was beautiful and natural looking.



Patient presents with discolored front teeth which had lots of wear, were uneven and had spaces between the teeth. The patient was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth.

The Solution — Dr. Fealy designed the teeth to receiver thin porcelain veneers which restored the teeth to their original beautiful shape and countour.


Patient presented with congenital missing lateral incisors.

The Solution — Dr. Fealy placed two implants and restored the implants with beautiful ceramic crowns.



Patient presents with two missing teeth on the posterior lower left arch.

The Solution — Dr. Fealy placed two implants and waited four months for the implant to be properly integrated with the bone. The crowns were placed and fit and looked beautiful. The patient is now chewing normally as he once did when he had his natural teeth.


On every implant case, A CT scan in studied so we may determine the exact position of the implant placement (Shown in copy of the x-ray with measurements.)

We next, place the implant and wait for four months to allow the bone to become attached to the implant. Dr Fealy placed this implant.

Dr. Fealy then took and impression of the implant and in the dental laboratory, and exact replica of the implant is placed in a stone model and the post and the crown are fabricated as shown in the photo.

The implant crown and post is placed in the mouth. You can see how nicely it fits and the color and shape are ideal.


Patient was missing a single lower molar on the left side.

The Solution — Dr. Fealy place a single implant and waited four months for the implant to properly integrate with the bone. The lower photo shows the final result with a beautiful crown and the patient is now enjoying chewing comfortably.


Patient presented with crooked anterior teeth as well as an open bite of which she was embarrassed of.

The Solution — Using conservative Invisalign treatment, Dr. Fealy was able to correct the patient's bite and achieve the natural appearance seen in the photos.

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